Everytime! But why?

Inspired to write at a time I know I shouldnt be but I feel this will help me over come procrastinating any further.

I sit in the library with all the right materials; with my bottle of refillable bottle, my cookies, my lunch and even some nuts to keep me going so I wont have to get up and leave my work even for one bit. Yet here I am, wasting my precious time on LinkedIn and job sites and even writing blogs?!

Why does the human brain make you feel like you need to waste some time in order to do some intense hard work? I know what I have to write, I have my books on Parlimentary Supremacy and quotes from Sir Ivor Jennings, Dicey and Sir William Blackstone. Then what am I waiting for?

I have a week and half to write this coursework but I have set my goals and intend to finish this in the next 3 days. Although, I do expect I will be blogging a lot more and i probably should do to get this feeling out of the way in advance. This is excellent!

I am ready to write.


Image is everything, isn’t it?



Last night at work I was baking and packing some cookies. Some were perfectly formed while others were a little less then round and hardly any of the chocolate chips could be seen. They all tasted the same, delicious.

But in order to lure customers to buy some cookies I packed the ‘ugly’ ones behind the ‘perfectly shaped’ ones.

This made me think about how this applied to us in real life – If you don’t look the part, you are less likely to get the job.

A good example of this are the Hollister and Abercombie stores. You will not find an average looking employee working at that store. Although they are not required to be ‘good looking’ when applying for a role, they are filtered during interviews.

How then are we expected to show our talents and skills if we are too ‘average’ looking to pass the first stage of the test.

I am not saying that every job requires this but a majority do. More recently companies are asking for passport photos with CV’s. How ridiculous is that?

If God has made us all so different, and unique in our own ways, then why do the ‘average’ looking people have to work so much more harder to get a good job or even get noticed? 

I am an average looking person married to a good looking man, these are the words of this World. I love my partner for the big heart he has and his sense of humor and his sense of adventure. Not just because he has a pretty face. 

I would like to be looked at from the inside out myself. I have skills which I have acquired through hard work and patience. Are these just empty words to the World? Should I stop trying?

I know I am not alone in this battle, it was just a little bother in my head that needed to come out. Life would be too boring if it didn’t have challenges like these. So i say, bring on the challenge and let the race begin.

Just like those cookies, we are all delicious no matter what we look like on the outside.


The birth of the blog

Im starting where all beginner bloggers start (or at least i think they do), with myself.

I believe technology will continue to take over our lives and its better to give in now before you get left so far behind that catching up will seem impossible. That is why i am here now, my adult life has only just started and i want to make it a smooth transition. I want to be up to date with the things i like and the people i love. I want to be great at everything i do.

Im at university and love my course although it is very challenging, but who doesn’t want a challenge? 

When i am in the kitchen i feel like Nigella or Jamie but the reality is far from it. I love to cook and bake, not having the right utensils wont stop me from doing it.

I believe the mind is a powerful thing which can change everything about a person, even their physical appearance.

I realize i am all over the place but i have to start somewhere and here seemed perfect. I will share with the world, the part that is willing to listen, my life’s experiences and the little things that make me happy. We have enough misery in each of us, i don’t think we want anymore of that here.

One last thing – I’m not as philosophical as I sound…I think i am trying too hard. Time and experience will improve that and let me be me 😉